SPONSOR A HORSE!  When you sponsor a horse, it provides feed, supplements, routine veterinary care and farrier service for one horse.  You can sponsor for a full month at $180/month, or share a sponsorship for just $90 per month.  You'll receive a photograph of your sponsored horse and recognition on our website, social media, and office wall.

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MAKE IT A MINI!  Can you donate $10/month?  $5/month?  Join our regular giving program and help support our ongoing monthly programming efforts. 

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$5.00 micro monthly donation.      $10.00 mini monthly donation        $25.00 macro monthly donation

Donate $100 - SPONSOR A SESSION! 

We want our rider fees to be affordable, so we only charge a small percentage (about 30% of the actual cost for providing lessons.  Your donation of $100 will make up the difference in the actual cost of providing two individual lessons. 


Our horses receive regular hoof care every 8 weeks.  This keeps them balanced and sure-footed when carrying their precious cargo - our young riders!  For just $15/month, you will provide a year's worth of farrier service for one horse! Click below now!

SUPPORT ANNIKA'S FUNDRAISER HERE: Last year, Annika's cousin Oliver raised nearly $800 for BREATHE.  This year, Annika is picking up the torch, trying to raise money for BREATHE to help buy a new therapy pony.  Annika was excited to start things off by donating half the money from her piggy bank!   Make a donation now using the PayPal link below, OR send a check to BREATHE, P.O. Box 101, Baraboo, WI 53913. Please write "Annika" in the message line so we know to credit your donation to her campaign.

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Welcome to BREATHE!

 Baraboo River Equine-Assisted Therapies, Inc.

A PATH-member Therapeutic Riding Center in Sauk County, WI

Thank you for supporting therapeutic horsemanship for individuals with unique life challenges!  Riders at BREATHE struggle with a variety of diagnosis, including autism, PTSD, physical disabilities, and learning difficulties.  Your donation helps provide provides equipment, rider scholarships, facility management, and horse care including feed, veterinary and farrier services to keep our therapy herd going strong.